1. I'm not sure if I want to take the class I'm signed up for this term. I have 9 days to reflect on this. In not category, but I'm not going to rush 2. Good response from a real grad school. "Passed the first cut" (Also, I have to dig up college credit transcripts from things I took in high school, which blows.) There is a possible/very likely interview. Still not wild about the locale, but actually not discouraged. G., begged me not to go in an incredibly adorable exchange, though I can't possibly contextualize it properly in the context of this post, so you'll have to trust me. 3. I finished the third scene in the chapter I'm currently working on. Started the forth. THis sounds more impressive than "300" words, so I'm running with that. Slow and steady, eh? 4. Yarn store work has been very busy and very not-knitting related. Which is par for the course, because there's lots of stuff that needs doing: sock, labeling, yarn winding, pattern research, etc. And I don't mind this, except that it leaves me sort of irritated feeling about my own knitting, which means I haven't really been knitting much during my off times, and because I'm busy doing other things during the day, I don't get much knitting done a all. 5. I'm realizing that working at knitting shops makes me a very introverted knitter. The last time I worked at a shop, a few summers ago, I spent a lot of my free time knitting alone to sort of recover, and thats the same sort of thing that I find myself wanting now. 6. I wore an older sweater and pair of socks that I knit a long long time ago. It was nice, and I remember how much I liked these things.

Ok, over and out. tycho must sleep sometime.

Onward and Upward!