Generally, at my alma mater, students would say hi to each other as we passed each other on the side walk. Usually this happened when we knew or recognized the other person, even if we weren't friends.

At current institution, no one says hi or makes eye contact on the way to class, except very occasionally, when it's clear that people know each other.

For instance I've been siting next to the same guy for two weeks, I think he shares a name with one of the apostles, has passed me on the way to class at least half a dozen times, and he has yet to nod. I'm just saying its weird.

The other observation is that current institution students tend to dress better for class. While I am proudly wearing pajamas to class, most people seem to wear "real clothes." People wear makeup, and many people seem to pay some attention to their grooming.

The alma mater students by contrast for the most part, don't really dress up that much, and are pretty universal in their slobyness. It was interesting because I think other means of distinguishing class were devised (or not, often). Also, I think we, for the most, bathed less frequently.