It's finally, I think, getting cold for real here which is nice. I can wear sweaters again, for real, mostly.

The new yarn store has its grand opening today, and although we were open yesterday, it's for real today. That'll be exciting. I got a/the copy of Sweaters from Camp, and I quite like the book, and always have, so it's time that I actually got it. I think it might solve my indecision regarding my next big project.

My intention to get up early and write was foiled by chores and whatnot, but that's ok, I guess, I'll be thinking about things today, and maybe I can take some notes, during off moments, to counteract the certain "omg I can't think about words now," feeling that I get after a long day.

There was sweater blocking last night, and though I'm not wearing it today, I will have it with me and I suspect there will be pictures.

Also, there's been a problem with the RSS feed for a few days, so if you're used to reading the site by RSS (one way or another) then you may have missed a few posts. I think it's all fixed now. I'm still not sure about the TealArt home page, but there's no time to worry about that now.

Have a great day, I'll report back in a bit!