Ok, you all have spoken and I've changed the tagline to "now without a net," which I like because of the "stunt/sport" [1] reference/tone. So we'll see how long this one lasts.

Though I'm about to provide a quick status update on the state of the tycho, I'm thinking bout imposing a limit here: I'll try and keep the "what's going on with me," journal entries down to one or two a week, unless something big happens. Creative constraint and all that.

Also, you all seem to like when I post about things that aren't me.

Here's the update:

Days on the Waitlist: 20

I have committed to a job for the summer, which will be good particularly if I get in off this wait list. If I don't, I'm going to still have the summer job, but I'll be working to get a job elsewhere as well, and I'm still looking around, of course.

On to the real topic of the post: my knitting.

I'm working on the body of the sweater. The batteries are charged so it's not inconceivable that I'll take some pictures this afternoon. There's not a lot of progress. It's now 7 inches, which is way behind where I'd like to be, but it does mean that I'm almost half way to the under arm point on this sweater. Ho-Hum.

This is why I think I'm such a bad knitting blogger, in the end, I work on long projects and get really excited if I get more than an inch done a day. Though I have to say that Joe is doing really good blogging job, despite the fact that he's been working on the same lace tea cloth for weeks. I clearly have much left to learn.

I sent the pi shawl pattern to Zach for review and commentary, and I did some tweaking of my basic toe-up sock pattern/instruction handout. It's a really in-depth narrative-ish description of how to knit socks thats intended as a pedagogical device, rather than a "design," per se. I'm planning to release it under a pretty permissive creative commons licensee so that teachers and shop owners can use/distribute the pattern (with attribution) for free. [2]

If anyone wants to look at either of these (particularly the pi shawl,) I'm not looking for test knitters, just eyeballs, that would be great.

Ok, I'm off. I'm going to a used computer store with this referb computer that I'm working on, to see if I can get additional ram, a wireless card, and maybe a less sucky monitor, and other stuff.

I'll be in touch.

Onward and Upward!

[1]I picture this in reference to tightrope/trapeze acts, where the performers don't have a safety net, though, H., a poet friend remembered the comment, "free verse is like playing tennis without a net," which is funny, and worth referencing. And neither is without oblique references.
[2]As in speech and beer.