• I have 2 more rounds of this damned hem plus a bind off (yes I bind off hems using a stretchy bind-off.)
  • By the time I post this I'll have a new episode of torchwood to watch. Despite the last ep, being somewhat less than stellar.
  • I remember a past where I would write blog posts about things. I need to start doing that again.
  • I remember that I promised to post one of the more finished pieces of breakout. I will. soon.
  • I was just listening to a podcast about publishing and new media. At the moment I get really excited about this sort of stuff. I want to spend a lot of time working on building TealArt into the kind of hub that I'm really interested in having. Part of me is actually sort of anxious about being so interested and inspired by this; because I'm feeling sort of "out of the loop" regarding academia at the moment... Generally my anxiety level is lower than it has been, but
  • I suppose the prototypical blogger thing to do today would be to post something sort of picturesque about theBoy (who hasn't been a character on the blog lately.) But I am neither typical blogger, nor particularly typical in the way that I manage romance. Such is life.
  • I still want a new computer. I'm still waiting till April or May. It's been particularly trying today for some reason.
  • LiveJournal is really cool. I've been thinking about writing some sort of tychoish post on the subject, but haven't really gotten around to it. LJ is, I think hard to fully grok, but I think it really acomplishes a lot of the things that were really cool about the very early Internet that I often lament like collaboration, small-town style community, and anonymous identity stuff.
  • The premier journal for my field did a special issue on sexuality--the first since 95. I have so much stuff to claw through. Sigh.

See you on the other side, tycho