Observations for 30 October 2007

  • If I don't know what to name a file I name it {something}.codex.txt. All my projects have codex files that are just big markdown collections of stuff. My todo list is called codex.tasks. Also all the spheres of my life have a two character prefix that I use to identify their files. AC for school (ACademic), MR for the novel (knowing MaRs), GS for graduate school (finally one that makes sense, SK for station keeping, BR, for the new novel project (BReakout), and so forth. Lots of codex files. Sigh.
  • I have, by my count, about 16 more rounds remaining in the red sweater of doom. It's all I can do to work on other projects. It'll be nice to get this done and be able to focus on the Joyce sweater I'm making. I think that I'm going to knit on it for a couple of weeks and then knit a sleeve, knit on the Joyce sweater for a week or two, knit another sleeve, and so forth until I'm done. At the moment, I have a slight bottle neck in the fact that I have 1 16 inch US size 5 needle. I've probably, at this point spent about 60 dollars buying this particular size and length of needle (it's best when we don't think about this.) I've broken 3 and cut the cord on another (steeking incident, lets not discuss.) But then, it's probably better that I don't divide my time too much.
  • I'm having the desire to knit hats. Expect hats in my future.
  • Sorry that there has been so much blathering about computer stuff and what not lately. New knitting content would be really boring, and it's been busy.
  • My computer speakers have the tendency to pick up errant radio ways which is really annoying, but I'm too cheap to buy new ones despite the fact that these were the speakers I bought for 20 dollars when I built a PC box in high school. So I'm sitting in an empty house listening to my ipod on noise isolating headphones.
  • I start working a crapton lot on Thursday. I'm pretty psyched about it.
  • I had the pleasure of talking to ComposerScott last night. He posted an entry on his LJ about a cute BSG cast member. And despite the fact that I've been reading his journal for, oh, a year, I felt that this was the perfect first time to post a note of concurrence. I discovered Scott via the wonderful "Prometheus Radio Theater," which I must shamefully admit to being tragically behind on. I'm behind on all podcast listening, and I'm hoping to start taking up spinning again, as a way to begin to get caught up. I just don't drive distances or do menial office work enough any more. Anyway, it's nice to find new internet friends.
  • My friend R. and I had a conversation a few months back about how most of our closest friends were people that we knew at a point about 6 years previous. It was worry some, because these people disappeared, or changed in ways that made being friends with them difficult (or we changed...) But I'm starting to realize that many of my friends are more recent acquaintances, and I think though difficult in many ways, is a move in the right direction.
  • I'm really bad about commenting on people's blogs and journals, despite the fact that I read a great number of them. I just never feel like I have the right thing to say, even though as someone who delights in every comment that gets left on my site, that you don't have to write poetry in the comment box.
  • Would it be idiotic to build a linux server that had a drive that was dedicated to my iTunes library that I could mount over the network and then synch my ipod to over the network, or is that crazy? Also, while I'm living in fantasy land, what are the state of podcasting/skype tools for linux and the GIMP (the things that I find I almost always need more computer umphf.)?

That's all I'm observing at the moment...

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