I'm cross posting this to the livejournal so that former classmates can read it.

I'm starting classes today at the school I never really considered for undergrad, so I don't have to pay student loans, so I can work on academic projects, and so I can stay in the mindset as I apply (again) to graduate school next year. That and there are classes here that my alma mater could never run, because of staffing and other demands on the faculty.

It's also a very different kind of institution. Here are some of my observations:

1. Cars? What? The campus has a number of much higher trafficked roads than I'm used to on a campus. It also has stoplights. I approached a light, it said "don't walk" cars weren't coming, so I trotted across the road, passing two students who were standing there waiting for the light to change. I laughed to myself.

2. Male students all look like TKEs at Beloit, thus far. Must remember to not hold it against them. What happened to college student chic? I sense a distinct deficit of students wearing pajamas.

3. Fewer smokers? Or maybe it's just raining. Or maybe all my old friends smoked.