Well it's certianly been an eventfull evening. My instalation of windows which I've probably been using for the past nine or more months has finally bitten the dust. Mind you, my data is all nice and safe and it can stay there. It's nerve wracking becasue I've agreed to go out of town this weekend, and my computer situation is compleatly up in the air.

See I want to instal Gentoo Linux on my PC and have that be my primary operating system. I really do have a lot of affection for Windows and all, but there's little reason not to change, and I'd like something a little less touchy. For the moment (becasue the instalation of windows that I've been using for the past several months is dying slowly), I'm reduced to Knoppix, the bootable CD linux distrabution. It's a nifty idea, and lets people get used to the idea of linux, and is a great diagnostic operating system that'll quickly let people know that it really is Windows messing up, and not their processor blowing out.

As for primary OS aplications, it doesn't work so well. My issue with it is that I have three NTFS drives, and no way to write data anywhere... even to a flopy disk. Now two of those three drives are backed up and ready to be formated for the eventual arival of Gentoo, and I'd really be happy to turn one or both of them into FAT drives, but, I can't figure out how to do that right now.

Having said that, linux is prety nice, I must admit. The longer I sit here looking dumbfounded at the whole thing the less excited I get about the whole matter, but it'll be nice. I hope. I've wanted to at least put on a linux distrabution for just in case, and I know that if I just layer over the old windows install with new stuff (becasue the problem is totally not that serious I think) I'll never do it. So maybe some of this torture is self imposed, but I could find out that Gentoo is really awsome and that I'll end up liking it and wanting to not go back to windows perminatly afterwords. But first I have to figure out what a stupid tar.bz2 file has to do with anything and how I get a CD to install from.

In any case, I bet you're wondering why I'm going into geek babble on the Times of TealArt (it still feels a bit funny to call the main log that, but it's kinda cool). Well I thought it might be nice to get a little more bloggy out here just in genereal, but also becasue I have an actual art acomplishment thing to talk about.

I've gotten myself involved with my school's writing lab. It's a nifty little thing... stay after school for a few hours and get work done in a nice enviroment, help other people think about their writing, and enjoy the company. The nice thing is taht, since people at my school are slackers and don't really show up for this kind of 'lab', I get an English teacher at my disposal for a few hours a week, which is really nifty.

There's this poetry contest that this english teacher was telling someone else (whose writing/poetry I'm not particularly fond of) about this really nifty and quaint poetry contest. So I thought, what the hell, I can pull together a few poems and submit them.

So I started writing a Poem, or at least trying to. It's been a long process, and it's taken a while, from the point of the first line, to a theme, to a couple of revisions, to some intresting developments interms of literary neatnesses. The end result is prety awsome, I think. So I'm going to have to put a little more effort into such projects in the near future.

I'm not so sure I'll be posting this stuff here, but we'll see. Also I should apologize now. There's a prety neat wordprocessor in Knoppix (two or three actually, but one that I'm suited to; anyway,) the problem is they couldn't fit the spellcheck dictionary onto the CD, which is really ok, given all the other things that they fit in around here. So this entry is assuredly rougher than you're used to. Sorry about that folks. Some semblence of normalicy will return in due time.