After a backup scare a few months back, I've gotten much more vigilant about backing up files. Since I work in plain text files, using a version control program like what programers use seemed like a logical step.

Got my on disk subversion repository to work correctly. This isn't a huge improvement, of course, because everything's dependent on my disk, but it does mean that I have a version control system for my personal and important files, in a way that I'm happy with, and at least theoretically I should be able to move this set up to my webserver, when I get that underway. I would like to say that it's exactly the way I want it, and there are only 10 revisions. Pretty nice. While a lot of subversion things clicked in the last few days, I am far from a subversion master. Things I have yet to master:

  1. Rolling back to old versions
  2. Taking the contents of one repository and putting it in another, for good backups and moving things about
  3. Getting some sort of good way to interact with it outside of the command line.
  4. Pass-wording and protecting a repository.

While I'm good and getting better with the command line stuff for my own uses, I have a project in the works that looks like it's going to be built around collaborations to a subversion repository. I'm thinking of using Instiki, because I've seen a version of that that is built around subversion and markdown/maruku, which is what I'd be working in anyway. If that could work, I'd be happy. We'll see.

Anyway, this is cool software, and I'm quite pleased with it.

Cheers, tycho