I wrote this entry a number of weeks ago, and then didn't post it, and then I my offline weblog editor needed to be registred, and one thing lead to another. So here it is. Don't hold it up to the usual Standards. Please. Cheers, and check back soon.

I had this little promise with myself going, where I told myself that I wouldn't post here again about knitting stuf until I did some critque kind of post. So here it is. Critique requires an active enguagement with other work, if not dirrectly in the piece, then as a secondary effect of interaccting with other work and ideas. I've become woefully bad at this in the past few months, and I suppose that's why I haven't been writing. I'm going to make a mental note to fix this. Being a bad citizen of this owrld, I haven't read Harry Potter, not any of them, so that might be a project to embark upon in the near future, and I have all of them with me, so now is as good a time as any.

I have been watching television a bit more than usual which I suppose doesn't say very much given that I go months without watching even a spec. Now I'm not turnning into a mindless numb, but I've found, TV, is helpful in the persuit of knitting. I think I've gotten so used to knitting as a background feature to the rest of my life: durring meetings, while reading, while waiting, while riding in the car, while listening to lectures, etc. that I have a hard time devoting all of my concentration to a knitting project, so now, when I don't have to concentrate on other things, if I'm just knitting I get antsy. So there I am.

I've been watching a lot of Farscape. Seems' the internet connection where I reside now, has a Usenet sever that carries binaries. Which I think is mostly responsible for the fact that out of 140 gigs of storage avilable (40 from the ipod, and 100 on this powerbook) I have about 10 free at the moment. I might be able to eeke out another one or two out of the ipod, but needless to say, I need more stoarge. Firewire drives, here I come.

But about the televison. Here's what I've been watching: Farscape seasons 1 and 3 (coincidence, haven't found any season 2 yet, and wouldn't have space for it if I could). Stargate (both series, I'm almost compleatly up to date, having seen all of Atlantis, and all but a very few SG1), and I've been rounding out my Babylon 5 collection, because I feel I've been remis.

On my list of things to get: There was a spell of really good episodes of B5 in the middle of the third season, and I'd like to have those. I also want to get Firfely, because those episodes are the kind of thing that I'd really like to have in my collection (but I have friends who have the DVDs and given my lack of hard drive space, that puts that on hold for a while. And so that's that.

As I watch more Farscape, I find it reminds me a lot of Firefly. They both adopt a "wild" view of space, that is where governments don't or can't extend control over interseteller territory for the most part, and starships with a reasonable sized cast operate. Also I think there's a definate similarity between Malcom Renolds and John Crition. They're both spunky leaders who don't dake themselves terribly seriously, and I find that to be an attractive characteristic in TeeVee science fiction. I'm not sure that I like it as much when it's written, but that's just me.