In about ten minutes I'm going to run out to get the oil in my car changed. I'm only going to take my ipod and knitting and a book and a cup of tea. Zoe has another engagement, as I have her downloading what will probably amount to the next 4 months of pod-casting listening. Seems I haven't synced my ipod since Labor day, the last time that I went west to visit family.

When the oil in sparky the wonder saturn is changed, I'm going to mail off the last of my graduate school applications. They're all done and sealed up.

I think I'm experiencing some delightful cognitive dissonance reduction, but I'm pretty upbeat about this. I started the process feeling pretty good, and I had a bit of a slump in the middle, and by now I'm feeling pretty good with it. I've had some good interactions with a couple of faculty that I have a lot of respect for, and while it's always a crap shoot, and what not, I feel like I have a pretty good shot at a few of the schools I've applied to. Late February and early March is when I'll start to hear.

Until then there's not a lot that I can do. I have a research project that I will be working on in Janurary. I'm going to read more fiction, because it's good for me. I'm going to write fiction as best I can for the next six weeks. Latter will happen later.

I've also come to realize that until I have a good idea of what kind of pages and presentations of data that I need to have, I'm not going to be able to make any real progress on the TealArt setup. Everything set except for the content and the plan, which is a good place to be in for this project, so maybe I'll take a notebook with me and see what kind of planning I can get done while I'm out.

Onward and Upward!