When you're out in the world Morris Dancing, everyone asks what you're doing. Actually, more typically people ask "What country is this from?" but I don't know what that means. In any case, this past weekend I witnessed the following exchange between elderly spectator to the foreman of a certain New York City Men's Team as the tour was moving between stands:

Spectator: What is this and where is it from?

J.D.: It's English Morris Dancing, do you know what that is?

Spectator: No.

J.D.: Do you care?

Spectator (pauses, unsure of how to continue) Yes, is it like cricket or football?

J.D. Cricket.

(At this point the spectator continued about his way satisfied and the tour continued to the next stand.)

This exchange, as these usually go, was pretty good. And the cricket part is totally right. There's actually, as I understand it, a lot of connection between the history of cricket and Morris Dancing: village's teams would play cricket and dance Morris, Morris Kits were often cricket uniforms with ribbons and bells, and before cricket, most Morris dancers wore black pants.