I submitted the first of my graduate school applications yesterday. The next four will be easier. I'm really happy with my statement of purpose, less happy with the writing sample (but I'm applying to be a social scientist, so most places don't want a sample) but my sense is that the writing sample isn't terribly important. And all I can do is be optimistic (which I think I have reason to be) and move forward. Though I've done the hardest work, I have to write a new zipper paragraph for each school, the applications themselves can be done in an hour, or less. So rock on.

In other news, I have one test and one paper left to complete in my work for this semester. The paper is written, save for some updates: I'm recycling with the professors consent a paper I wrote last year on clinical issues related to death and dying, so I need to make it less clinical and more developmental, but that's a few hours of changes and not a lot of bother. The test is over the two parts of psycholingustics that find most interesting: language development and linguistic relativism. So that's not too fearsome.

In terms of knitting, I'm working on the Morocco jacket. I've made it past the arm hole shaping, so the shoulders are fully set it, which means that it grows much faster length wise. There are 250 stitches + steeks as opposed to 400 stitches + steeks. I've decided to do the shoulders in a more direct way, which I think more closely resembles the pattern as written. I'm currently leaning towards making the armholes a bit longer than I would on a normal sweater because as a jacket, I think it needs to fit over a normal sweater. And it'll look more like the sweater in the book that way.

Funny thing is that I'm mostly just knitting using the chart and the picture of the finished sweater, and going from there.

I'm thinking it would be fun to have a sweater knit along where everyone was given a chart and some pictures of a finished sweater and then everyone went about copying it in their own way, and the knit-along community would support people with the basic elements of sweater construction. Might be fun.

Anyway, I do have some things to get done, but sorry for the absence, and I promise that I won't disappear for so long again. Though fellow bloggers, I must confess with some measure of guilt that I haven't opened the news-reader in almost a week, so, I'm behind (unless you're on LJ, LJ is sanctioned procrastination, and therefore doesn't count. )