The following tweet/identica post made this morning, pretty much sums up my reaction to the incumbent holiday:

so last night I was like "why am I not getting email" and then "I better check on the server" and then "oh right #otherpeoplesholidays"

I'm getting on a plane later this morning to fly to my home town for the first time since last October. It'll be good to see family and friends out there, and I'm always appreciative of a break from some aspects of my routine. Including the opportunity to be in my apartment during daylight for the first time in a month.

I often think of this holiday break as a "free time" to make progress on different things that I've had to neglect on the account of life for the fall. While obviously more pronounced when I've been a student, I am very much looking forward to the opportunity to get up early and write, and spending long afternoons working on a sweater.

I think I'll have some other posts this weekend, and early next week about the knitting project.

There'll be new Critical Futures on Tuesday as there was last Tuesday (about new technology). I hope you forgive my indulgence while I get the new rhythm sorted out.

And if this is your holiday, I hope you enjoy it!