Days on the waitlist: 1

As it turns out the woman who found the cat has decided to keep it. So no cat. I'll probably scope out the animal shelters just to see, but I think this means I'll wait on the cat till I move out on my own. Hopefully the fall. That'll make things easier I think. In any case this is the second time that we've almost gotten a cat but had it fall through. (A dancing-friend's daughter's (siamese) cat had kittens in the late summer, and we wanted one, but it didn't work out).

These things happen.

Not much else in the way of news.

Knitting Department I got my extra skein of yarn in the mail for this sweater, so though I'm not making a lot of progress there (it's so fine) I really want to get this sweater knocked out. It's been too long, and I need closure. There will be pictures. My goal is the end of the weekend for the sleeve, and this time next week with the hem and business.

Television and Knitting Department I've been watching the second season of Boston Legal during my knitting, which I do so enjoy. I think I have Blake's 7 and Jeremiah on my computer to watch, but I've found the pacing on the former to be frightful and the second one to be... difficult, at the moment. We'll see what I try next. I think there'll be torchwood to watch tomorrow.

I'll be around. See you...