I have amazing friends. Many of you read this 'blog. Sorry if I'm ripping you off, but comedy, is well, good to find. Thank you all for saying memorable things, and sorry if I've changed your words too much.

N: I am tired and cranky and don't want to think about gender anymore today. pause Or math.

G: Men, on average, have more upper body strength... It's helpful in settling primitive disputes, well primitively.

(P is a friend who plays frisbee with great dedication. The following stems from a description of something from a frisbee game.)

T: What?

P: See, I lay out, they lay out in front of, next to, behind, under, or over me.

T: Ok.

P: Then, we collide, and one of us comes up with it or the defense

T: If you say so.

P: Right, and then we help each other out, groan


P: I mean up, help each other up.


T: That was the best freudian slip I've seen in a while.

P Laughs.

T: I thought you liked frisbee because it was homoerotic, but I didn't know that you knew that.

Thanks folks!