One of my favorite meme's on twitter is the "OH:" meme, where folks post little snippets of things they've heard in the world that are (usually) hilarious. This post will be, I think, a collection of the best little quotes I've heard, heard about, or seen recently.

"Chicken is easily divisible"

"If you're hand is one space off on your keyboard and you start typing server, you start typing awesome. servers are awesome."

"I will be eagerly awaiting the New York Times style piece on the growing trend of the 'ZOMG WE'RE NOT EVEN DATING GUYS' rings."

"The emacs makes the text, I am but a humble servant."

"We should get facebook married so everyone would know its the fakes."

"If [company] were a musical, there'd be a song here. Thankfully it's not."

"Caffeine is like liquid naps."

"For epic lulz you should switch your keyboard [with blank keys] to Dvorak."