Dear Readers,

I'm both really excited and really scared of this change that I'm going to announce in this post. From my journal entry, you can probably tell that I've been busy and having something of a rough time. I'm coping, and I'm not writing this as a plea of any sort, just it's been... interesting. I've been sort of distracted, and running back and forth between my home town and where my grandmother is (3.5 hours away) a lot, and a thousand other things.

One thing, of note is that today (by your clock) is the 9th Yarzeit of my grandfather's death, which is hitting me a bit harder than it has in years past. Yeah. Weird. I don't know what else to say.

In any case, I've done some tweaking to the site including some cool JavaScript visibility toggles. I'm still using Wordpress, because I'm still making pretty heavy use of the post scheduling, and there are other projects that demand my attention. Someday soon. My intention with the design changes is to make the content a bit more prominent and minimize menus as much as possible. Because content is important and menus are boring. (Really, I get paid to help people with the internet. Amazing.)

I'm also going to change my publishing schedule.

I'm going to post essays, in the form that you've grown accustomed to on Tuesday's and Thursdays, and then, try and post something to coda once or twice a day on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday's. I'm reading a lot of other blogs, and I feel like I've gotten worse about referencing some of the really cool stuff I've been reading. And I'd like to concentrate on writing for other projects, getting Critical Futures (also redesigned) back on it's feet. If you read the site via the feed coda posts and essay posts all look the same. Notifications for all posts make it onto twitter and, and I bet that despite the change the amount of content in general is going to be about the same. It's just a different mindset, and I think that's what I need the most at the moment. We'll see how it works.

I've also, in recent times taken to modifying the way the home page renders, so that there are only a few entries on the home page, and lists of "recent entries," in both essay and coda categories. I might do a bit more tweaking here, but the general template with "less stuff on any given page" and links to other content, satisfies my desire for minimalism and a wealth of content. Note to self: write a post about the "blog" trope and the amount of content on pages.

That's about all I have for you this time. Thanks for reading, and I'll be back tomorrow with some sort of an essay.

Cheers, tycho