A Conversation with friend Andy (but, not we should point out, this andy.)

Andy: You know we've never talked on the phone.

tycho: yes, blessedly. Don't take this personally but the phone is overrated, and I assure you that I'm a real person.

Andy: Yeah, I don't really like the phone either.

tycho: no the truth is that I hate the phone with an undying passion.

Andy: I gesture and make faces when I talk on the phone--which is just fucking ridiculous and makes me look like an ass.

tycho: --and perhaps the biggest problem is that I have trouble talking on the phone when I think people can see or hear me: because it's so wierd "yes let me talk into this plastic thing to someone who isn't there..." I mean dude it wasn't too long ago that that sort of behavior could get you locked up.

Andy: A very valid point you make, sir.

tycho: ... and I think if I was going to be guilty of some sort of historical crime I'd much rather it be sodomy...

Andy: Amen.