An academic group, interested in memory and narrative started to write a blog in october, but hasn't had the follow through that one might hope for. But then it's an academic blog, and getting academics to collaborate on projects like this, is terribly difficult. Maybe we'll see some more. I'm pulling out interesting bits from the intro post, and I'll keep you all posted, if more interesting things start appearing.

This interesting little bit from the first post. Not so much a summary, just something that got my eye....

Introducing the Popular Memory & Narrative Study Group:

"...the starting point for sociology, almost by definition, has been ‘society’ and its ‘institutions’; whilst in versions of structuralist social theory the individual has been something of a vanishing point, disappearing without trace under a deluge of language and discourse. Instead, a reinvigorated focus on narrative begins with individual stories, memories and life-histories and traces these outwards (and upwards) to the social structures and collectivities of which individuals are a part."

(Via Memory and Narrative blog.)