As those of you who microblog may have noticed (or were there) I attended and went to a cool little bar camp last weekend. It was a small affair in Central Illinois (I also visited friends, which was amazing.) but there were some cool freelancers, and some folks from NCSA, and I think we all learned something from the encounter. Good times.

Since I got back, however, I've had a serious case of the stupids. I don't mean to make an excuse for my lack of productivity. I sat down, I did things that were on my todo-list, I made progress, but I feel like my brain rotted out for a little while there. It's a strange feeling. In any case, I spent some time on Wednesday afternoon pulling together notes, thinking about things, and writing some stuff. Anyway, the brain seems to have un-rotted. Here's a brief list of the things that are on my list of things to write about for you soon.

  • Oracle's Purchase of Sun Microsystems

  • Co-op business models, and Open Source

    This marks a revival of some of my thinking and writing about economic issues. I've been thinking about (and the Sun/Oracle deal brought this to the surface) about how competition works (or is irrelevant) in cooperative business, what role open source and free software plays in technological development

  • Jekyll.

    I sort of assumed that after I made the switch to this new content management system that all the people who were interested in it already knew about it. Not so apparently. I need to talk more about this.

  • I upgraded to Jaunty.

    ...and changed a few things in my system configuration that make it a bunch more lightweight. Still on ubuntu.

    I also need to do some more hacking about on things.

  • I should cover other topics that I've touched on in the past that I've continued to think about, but not continued to write about. Things like git, Awesome, org-mode, my knitting.