I hope you all have been having a happy holiday. I'd apologize for not posting yesterday or the day before, but I suspect that you all had more interesting things to do, and at any rate you're probably pretty busy with other things, and even if you don't there's a lot of Internet out there, and I'm sure you weren't too bored.

I've spent my time doing a fair bit of knitting, a fairer bit of television writing, and some general puttering about. First up, the knitting news:

  • The needle that I was using to knit the sleeve on broke, which is a fairly common experience with Knit Picks needles. I generally don't mind, because up until the point where the needles fail, they work great. ands KP is absolutely fabulous about replacing broken needles. End result, I've placed that sleeve on a holder and I'll wait until I can drop by the shop and pick up a real needle.
  • In the mean time I have turned my main knitting focus to the turkish sweater I'm currently working on. I'm still pre-armhole, but it grows reliably.
  • I've also started a gray sock. Because I'm a boy, and I have the yarn for a pair (and probably then some) so I figure, it's worthwhile. And socks great to have around as long term projects for the times when you need a little bit of time.

Next up, writing. On Sunday or Monday, I tried to write a short story. I had the idea that it might be cool to write a story where the first aliens to make to earth were, by some fluke, not that much more advanced than us.

And I failed. As I often do when I attempt to write short pieces. I even outlined the entire story and how I thought it would all play out.

This is ok, in the end. Fiction shorter than 10k isn't really my scene to read anyway, even though I've gotten less violently opposed recently. When I get back home and can reestablish a routine (and a desk) I'm feeling pretty good for the writing thing.

I had a little bit of a conference with my grandmother (whose read the novella) and she pointed out a few things that I need to work on for the novella. The good thing is that she pointed out the elements that I've been working and tweaking since I finished the book. So I think I'm on the right track. And there's time to fix it.

On the plan for today: knitting and a trip to the yarn barn--a nationally renown yarn store that's only about 40 minutes away from where we are. Part of my holiday gifts was handed to me with the stern instruction to be frivolous. So I'm going to. And knitting of course, and television watching on my computer.

Onward and Upward!