The truth of the matter is that I've had a rather wretched week. I had a lot of writing complied into a relatively short period of time. This feat of poor planning was made worse by the fact that I was just coming off of spring break, and I also received some ultimately positive news from graduate school. While I don't think the weeks work was for nought, I did feel as if I was dead out of steam by Wednesday morning, and thus my week was very front heavy. In addition to some dread regarding a decision about graduate school that I hope I don't have to make, I also faced some dread regarding a project presentation for class Monday afternoon.

I had about fifty minutes to discuss with my classmates, a topic of my choice, and as I'm sure some of you probably know from my twitter, the topic was death. Particularly existentialism/issues in psychotherapy, but I'm also covering some of the work on Mortality Salience/terror management theory (which is nifty because it makes it possible to talk about defense mechanisms in an empirically derived framework, for those of you who care), and also a bit about grief. But that's not really the important thing.

The thing is that this is that one of the aforementioned papers of doom was also for this class, and it was painful and soul sucking to write. (Who knew, I could write so much about so little? I suppose you, dear readers have been on to this for a long time, but I'd been mostly left out of the loop). So I was, red-cent to say the least. Well the upshot, I was a home body for a few days and read some stuff and did some fairly low stress writing on an outline. The upshot. I have a presentation sketched out and I'm more or less done. I'll sit around and read a little more so that I'm better able to answer questions and expand on a few points, but for the most part, yeah. This is a little weird.

The other weird part of having this presentation so written out? I just have to make things a bit more prosy, and bam! I'm marking out time on Wednesday morning to turn this into a term paper. That'll learn me. I had been saying that I lost my newly found work ethic as I was basically sitting around and drooling on tuesday and wednesday, but maybe I just bent it out of practice a little bit.

This being a morning person thing is weird.

I'll be back with more teleological entries soon, and sorry everyone for the onslaught. The next couple of knitting entries are pretty cool, but the real meat comes later, and word on the street is that pictures might happen soon.

Best, tycho