I did a networking email exchange this morning. Woot, being productive. I also asked a professor for a letter of recomendation. I realize that I was expecting one of my letters to come from a former former advisor that hadn't had me in class in a long time, and wasn't really connected to the work I was interested in doing these days. The new letter writer is much more connected with what I've done recently (they had me in two classes last semester) and I think we have a pretty good rapport.

I've also filled out the form and written the check to get transcripts for this application cycle.

I did some reading and some other stuff, but have generally feel pretty unproductive.

Oh wait, I did get some minor edits done on two chapters of the novel. This leaves three more chapters to do. I'm going to go over the ending to see if I can frame it a little more clearly, but I don't think I'm going to change it much, between this and the next draft, because all the responses have been pretty spot-on, even if people say "wait a second." So I'm going to give it time, and I think after it hits the second round of readers, it'll be good enough to start sending out to editors/publishers.

One thing that I need to do, is to work on notes and what all of our 6th grade english teachers called "pre-writing." I'm pretty good at being productive, as long as I've spent even the merest amounts of time thinking through things first. I just need to spend some time with the moleskine.

I've also been spinning a bunch. I've done about 4 of a total 6 oz of some tencel-merino in something approaching jumper weight. I swear to you, if I spun a pound of this, I'd have a sweater. Interestingly this is my entire fiber stash. Which is appropriate because I'm just using my mother's wheel until sell some more spinning related things and can afford a wheel of my own again. I like spinning and think that I need to figure out how to work this into my routine.

In terms of knitting, I've done about 3-3.5 inches on my sweater, and I think I'm going to go back to sleeve knitting after I knit another 3-3.5 inches while I figure out how far I want to set in the shoulders. After a bunch of meandering about, I still have no clue what my next project is going to be.

Anyway. Cheers!