So I have finally finished with the ribbing of my sweater.

I knitted 20 rounds of ribbing, which is likely more than you'll need, becuase I'm knitting with such fine yarn. Actually, I think 16-18 would have been enough, but 20 seemed like a good number. I think the target depth for ribbings is like 2-2.5 inches. Mine is 2.75, but I think I'll live.

And then I increased. Remember I cast on 320, except I need the sweater to be 344 for the size/pattern. Right? Here's the instruction that I recommend to you:

* Knit 16 Repeat from * 10 times.

The astute among you will notice that this means that the sweater will have not 344 but 340 stitches.

That's correct. I seem to have made some sort of crucial error in the chart as it turns out the key number for this sweater is 342. In the old chart, I had an extra stitch around 42-43. And I increased up to 344 started the chart and then knit two rounds before I realized that the pattern didn't work. Stitches are small and it turns out that an increase here and a decrease there don't really matter that much.

I have amended the chart, and revision 2 is here: for those that have run into an error. I'm slowly going back and changing old links... This is the reason why I've got a head start. Once the pattern emerges, I'll have pictures for you. (And I want to see your pictures/sweaters as well!

Onward and Upward!