On Blogging about Interesting Things

Merlin Mann posted this thing on his site, 43Folders a few days ago in his ongoing series about his blog's midlife crisis (which apparently happens after four years.) Merlin's disgusted with the "blogging to get attention," and the sort of digerati/problogger blogging tone that the form has taken in the last 5 years or so. His solution, more or less, is more along the lines of my own recent transition in my own blogging, which as basically been to turn tychoish into a ongoing monologue about the things I'm interested in, and less of a monologue about me.

Now there are exceptions to this, hence the coda blog, but for the most part this has kept me thinking and working, and processing things out there in the world. When I need to process about myself, I have friends and family. The end result: good things, and I look forward to what Merlin comes up with in the future. On tychoish, you can mostly expect me to talk about the same old things: open source software, trends in computer usage, amazing knitting things, with the appropriate dash of literary criticism, and historical doodad. My triad of fair-game topics are still "technology, science fiction, and knitting" but I'm being a little firmer in how I police that boundary.

Having said that.... Here's some introspective shit that's been piling up on my list of things to blog about, I figure if I have to blog about it, I might as well put it in one place:

1. I--or my alter-ego, depending on how you look at it--have started a new job this week. if you'd told me about when I graduated from college, I would have laughed at you, but a lot as changed in these past year, and it's incredibly awesome and pushes me in a direction which I'm really eager to travel in.

2. I've started writing a new novel. It's a great concept, the characters are fun to write and almost instantly came into themselves which is incredibly good. I finished the first chapter, and I started the second after taking a day off, and I'm making good progress, and it's not like pulling teeth, at all. I like that this happens right after I have a bad couple of weeks where words come very difficultly, something snaps into place and things just work.

3. I got a new desk chair. This is a very very good thing. I am long torso-ed and finding suitable chairs is difficult.

  1. I gotta make time for knitting.

5. The story I'm posting tomorrow on Critical Futures isn't written by me. How cool is that?

Also I've noticed that these coda posts, which were supposed to be short and effemeral, have been anything but. Gotta work on that.