I've been somewhat remiss in posting here. Nevertheless, I've managed to get rather a lot of things done in the couple of weeks that I think merits an update post.

I've posted two new things to Critical Futures, my final post--for now--about dexy, called make all dexy. and a post about new media on What we Learn from WikiLeaks.

I've also updated the Critical Futures Archive, particularly the posts on technical writing series and the new media series. I think hand crafted archives are incredibly valuable, but they're hard to maintain, which I suppose is the point, and I've been a poor steward over the past few years. At the moment, the full archives of Critical Futures (nee tychoish.com, nee tealart.com) are listed on the archive page. The content has never gone anywhere, nor do I think the old content is any better than I used to, but it's good to not have it totally hidden. I'm also trying to keep the hand crafted archives more up to date. It's a struggle.

I've also been doing some wiki work around these parts, mostly in the technical writing section, including new pages about automicity, automation, compilation, dexy (tag), and /technical-writing/filters. I'm also working on ways of marrying this wiki with the blog, by way of the critical futures section. It's in progress, of course but there's a blurb at the bottom of all CF posts that says:

Disqus comments are provided to support legacy comments on old posts, and as a last resort in cases where other means of communication are ineffective. Otherwise please consider leaving a comment.

The link doesn't work as well as I want to, and maybe I need to set up a specific comments page adding widget, as on the submissions page. Couldn't hurt. Also on my list of things to do: make a more fitting index page that draws attention to all sorts of content on the wiki, not just rhizome. That's on the list.

Also on the list:

  • Writing fiction like crazy: I'm working on the penultimate chapter of the novel.
  • Something with the Cyborg Institute. It needs to happen.
  • More regular blogging here. It's on the list!