So this is the week. Hopefully. I'm getting palpitations just thinking about it. I'll keep you posted if I get in.

It's not what happens so much as it is that it's happening. Not that I don't have strong feelings/prefrences, I do, it's just stressful.

I've decided that I will, g-d willing, and I get in, I'm going to start on a celebratory road trip in about a week, as it's the only good stretch of time when I don't have commitments that I need to be here for. In the next couple of months I have: May Day dancing, work commitments at the yarn store, morris dancing, teaching commitments, and then my summer job starts in late May. So it's now or never.

Possible stops (and rough order) include:

  • Champaign-Urbana, IL
  • Nashville, TN
  • Chapel Hill, NC
  • Harrisburg, PN
  • Philadelphia, PN
  • Boston Area, MN
  • Chicago, IL

And I just need to get back here by sunrise on May 1st. Well, enough time before sunrise to find/clean put on morris kit before sunrise. Which, might be as little as 60-90 minutes, and as much as several hours.

I also listed the places in a rough order, so that I don't have more than 8-10 hours at any one point. Except for Boston to Chicago. Maybe back to Philadelphia/Harrisburg to take the edge off that. Also, you figure with a state as big as Ohio, I have to have some friend there, but alas. We'll see. If you're in one of those places or in between one of those places, keep in touch/watch this blog....

It's fun to plan these things, it takes the edge off, if I don't get in I'll probably take a similar road trip at the end of the summer in between jobs/movements in my life. I'll keep you posted, of course.

Brief rundown of other news:

  • I taught a really cool knitting class this morning. It was more of a workshop, and since I'm local we're spreading it out over three months, so people have an opportunity to get a big project done. I'm liking it. I'll write more about this.
  • I'm beginning stage one of a big academic project tonight, which is why my posting today is more reflexive and brief than usual. Aside from all the busy.
  • I went to a chamber music concert that a friend played in. It was fun, I got a lot of knitting done. In fact, I had a slight knitting mishap yesterday and had to rip back about 3 inches of knitting, but I think I've finally regrouped. I'll write more about this later.

Ok, I have to run.

Onward and Upward!