psionics: telepathy and telekentics

just here with a thought:

I'm not going to do it in this story because it would muck everything up, but....

I've seen in a couple of places in the SF world, (dealing with telepathy) the basic idea where, telekentic abilities are dealt with as really strong telepathy, that if you're a really strong telepath, maybe you'd be able to move stuff around with your brain.

Right? Ok.

So this sounds all well and good, I mean thoughts are just thoughts, and moving matter is hard because matter is real. Right? Ok...

This fundamentally assumes that thought is not material, which I think is pretty flawed. We think in our brains.

Then, why isn't telepathy, very finely honed telekinesis? Sure it's easy to lift your tea cup with your brain, but you need much more dexterity to sense the flow of neurotransmitters and electrical currents in the brain.... seems I need to write some brain SF...

also, and unrelatedly, I don't understand this "superhero" thing that a lot of people do. it's like alien to me.

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