I hope you had a good 4th, for those of you who were in a place to/that celebrate(d) it. The house didn't explode on the account of the neighbor's fireworks, which I think meets criteria for a good holiday.

I hope you also enjoyed the holiday edition (ha!) of Station Keeping. It was a fun one, so please do enjoy. Sorry about the wacky schedule this week.

Anyway. As you're reading this I'm probably about to be or getting in the car to drive to knitting camp. So there's not a good blog for today. Alas.

There'll be a Deleuze piece tomorrow: this one's rough and rambly, and less about the text. I'm thinking about reading the next couple of sections and then putting it aside to work on Difference and Repetition, which is ironically seeeming more timely at the moment. Maybe. I dunno, I'll talk more about that in a bit.

The real reason I'm writing this post is because over on the other blog I've posted about a nifty sweater I knit, and thought that you might be interested in that.

Next time I have a saturday afternoon to blow on coding, I'll set something up so that the knitting blog pulls content from tychoish and tealart. Until then let this serve as a notice to direct your attention over there for knitting content this weekend.

Here's a sneek peak:

Cheers, tychoish