Hi friends. I hope that this Monday morning finds you well. I'm feeling better than I have in days, and even though I've been awake for almost forty minutes, I've already started to accomplish things. How cool is that.

I haven't posted about my reading list lately, mostly because I haven't really been reading. Well. I read a little in the Tiptree novel/novella series that I've been working through for a really long time: The Stary Rift. It's good. Maybe I'm at a low point in the story, but this one isn't quite as good as Brightness Falls from The Air but it's still good. Both books are set in the same world, and there's this nifty framing story that presents all the plots as historicalized records, which I hardcore like.

I also read a story by Greg van Eekhout "In the Late December," which I quite enjoyed. I went through the Strange Horizon's fiction archive and picked out all the stories by authors whose names I recognized. Mostly the folks who have made it on the Strange Horizon's Podcast, but some others as well. Anyway. So I'm going to be working my way through those.

I'm winding a bit of handspun off the spindle onto a nostopin (which takes for-bloody-ever, by the way). Though an end is in sight. I'm liking the spindle, and I think I'm probably about... 4 times faster on the wheel, depending on weight. Which sounds bad but probably isn't very.

I posed, just before this, a little bit from this hypertext/novel *thing* that I've been talking about, which is exciting and a little scary. Any thoughts you might have on it, would be very welcome.

I think that's all the news that isn't. On the list for doing today:

  • Some Email Correspondence
  • Do some more readings.
  • Upgrade various Wordpress installations.
  • Work on the short story.

And so forth. I'll catch you all around.

Onward and Upward!