A long time ago, I thought I'd start meme, were people would list five books that they'd read more than once. Sure the "list the five last books you've read" meme travels around a fair bit, but this is sort of an interesting turn. In most cases, you're not likely to have read a book more than once unless you really liked it. But, sadly, I felt that my contribution wasn't good enough, so I sat of the post forever.

Then as part of my bah-humbag New Years post I mentioned starting a "read.txt" file to track my reading accomplishments. I put in the highlights of 2007, which read the world like the "The Best of Feminist and Queer Science Fiction," but no matter, I will present for your download, a copy of this file:


It's in Markdown format, and I've decided to granularly list short stories, because they're distinct, I need all the encouragement in the world to read more of them, and I want to be able to keep track of which authors and what not I read.

Below the fold, I present to you the "books you've read twice meme" post. Do play along!

So we all read books, and we've all seen the "select books you've read from this list" form of meme, and while I'm not claiming that this is original, I think it'd be cool for people to post lists of books that they've read more than once. Because that's an endorsement if there ever was one.

To make it a meme, I think it would be great to post, links via comments or trackbacks so that lea, so that we can all browse through these posts to see what books people geek out on.

I'm also going to include a list of books I want to read a second time, but haven't yet.

  1. Ender's Game by Orson Scot Card
  2. Three-Fifths of Heaven (a trilogy) by Melissa Scott
  3. The Foundation Trilogy by Isaac Asimov
  4. Angles in America: The Millennium Approaches by Tony Kushner

I seem to have a thing for trilogies. Books that I want to read again, but haven't gotten to:

  1. Bastard out of Carolina by Dorothy Alison
  2. Stranger in a Strange Land by Robert Heinlein
  3. Babel-17 by Samuel R. Delany

Onward and Upward!