In lieu of an actual essay on this quasi-holiday, I have a funny exchange from earlier in the week. Continue to have a good holiday, and I'll see you on Monday.

tycho: so I was thinking about getting an old(er) ThinkPad x41 tablet and linuxifying it, so I'd have a linux portable and we'd have another computer around here because most of the computers in the house are older and the last time an old computer went south, there was major familial strife.

chris: ah which is the x41

tycho: [passes a link]

chris: you really do obsess over some of the strangest hardware. It's kinda slow and old.

tycho: it runs emacs and stuff, it should do fine.

chris: trufax. I forget little you demand of your computers. Why would you want a tablet though?

tycho: reading stuff.

chris: I just don't see the point of sacrificing performance for a nebulously useful tablet functionality.

tycho: Well, why are you looking at net books constantly?

chris: reading stuff.