Today's entry starts with a discussion of my sleep habits, and goes from there. Hope that's not too boring. That's what this whole web log/online journal thing is really about, after all: gratuitous sharing of information.

The general malaise that I've been referencing for the past few weeks--and that I think I'm finally getting over--did a number on my sleep schedule. I think this is in part a sort of normal response sessional light differences, and the fact that I don't have anything to do in the mornings, so I don't absolutely have to get up in the morning. I should, in any case.

The sort of frustrating thing, was that while I had a few days with a semi-irregular sleep pattern, the past four nights have been eerily predictable. (Sleep at 12:30, awake at 9.) I even tried a couple of times to go to bed earlier, and spent an hour or more trying to fall asleep (generally if I don't fall asleep in 20 mins, I get up and knit or read for a while until I'm tired enough to give it another go.)

So given that I had a long weekend. I thought that it might be good to shock my body back into a normal sleep schedule. So, no naps today. I also have a plan for adjusting my sleep schedule so that I can get into a 11-7, or 10:30-6:30 habit, and use the extra morning time to write and read and do things that I should do. I work really well in the morning, and I think I'm better at being tycho when I have that time. Even if I sleep the same amount, being awake at night is never as productive or happy-making for me.

So what did I do last night, while I was trying to trick my body into going into something more reasonable? I knit. A lot. And watched more Enterprise. The turkish tile is now a total of 20 inches long, which means I'm somewhere between 1.5 and 2 inches away from beginning the neck shaping. When the neck shaping start, I'll have 35 rounds and 9 sets of short rows left on the body. The countdown begins.

I also did some drupal tinkering. I got things set up pretty much the way I want them, I think. The goal now is to get the content into the system, and then make sure that it all works out right. Then we go live.

Exciting times.

Onward and Upward!

tycho out.

ps. someone mentioned a wordpress error regarding comment posting. I tried and wasn't able to replicate any error, so if you're using and get some sort of error, copy and paste it into an email, so I can attend to it. Reach me at about errors or anything, I'd love to hear from folks.