I interrupt your regularly scheduled programing for a couple of announcements. First off, I bought a computer this evening. This is a Good Thing, and I'm going to be getting settled in. There will still be morning blog posts. Don't fear. Secondly I have a cute/interesting story about science fiction writing.

So I wrote this short story last week that I'm putting the finishing touches on.

It's cool to work on a fiction piece and then see the end or the possible end in sight, rather than the work of enduring faith that novel or even novella writing takes.

First a bit about the story: it's rather straightforward. Some characters experience something and are changed by it. It's futuristic, but the differences are mostly geographical and social (which is really more of my speed.)

The first reviewers response: "I liked how the characters merged into one entity and then split apart, I thought you slipped into first person for a second, but then I realized it was intentional, good going."

Nope. I really did just slip into first person. The story started out as a first person story, and then I realized that given the character's state of mind throughout the story, it was absurd to have the character narrate the story in past tense. And present tense is annoying.

And because I'm the writer and I can do these things, I changed it, save the middle of one well placed paragraph. And only in science fiction would that be seen as a literary device. Fear not, I've corrected the mistake, and who knows, probably squashed any chance this story had at being worthwhile.

Anyway, I have file transfers to attend to. Be well friends.