Hello everyone!

I've spent most of the past couple of days being sick and knitting, well feverishly. I was totally planning to post an earlier draft of this post yesterday, but I spent all of yesterday vegging out. Better luck in the future, I guess.

I finished the sweater/jacket/cardigan that I've been making recently (turkish tile,) save for the hem/border. The most notable fact about this is that I've acomplished this using just a touch over half of the total amount of yarn that I purchased, and I would have come in under half if the sweater hadn't been a cardigan and/or if it hadn't been more of a jacket.

This means that I have a lot of leftovers and can probably get away with buying less yarn in the future. It also means that my stash is very productive, because all my leftovers are useable. I think I could spend 60 bucks and have enough yarn for 3-4 sweaters. I'm excited about the prospect, and that's most of what's keeeping me sane throughout t he process of knitting the interminable hem.

I thought I was clever when I decided to knit the hem in the round, without steeking (by knitting around the bottom, side, and neck edges all at once). While preferable to the other options, let me review that: this sweater is knit with fingering weight wool, the hem needs to be knit on size 0s, the front edges of this cardigan are about 30 inches long, and it's about 40 inches around. I have a 60 inch circular needle. I am mighty, but god it's boring. I've not done a count, but I figure that there are probably about 800-1000 stitches in play at the moment. A round takes about 30 minutes

Though I'm worried a lot about how this sweater will turn out--a lot of this has to do with my constant fear about fucking up cardigans, compounded by the fact that the sweater hasn't been blocked yet--I've resolved to withhold judgment until after blocking. I do think that I'm going to run out to the fabric store this afternoon or tomorrow to get some interfacing or grosgrain ribbon to sew into the hem to give the front edge some much needed stability.

So that's what I'm thinking about...

I'll be in touch.

Onward and Upward!