In terms of knitting...

I also did my steeking demonstration, and one of the attendees offered to cut her own sweater, which meant that I didn't have to do something crazy with the sweater that I'm currently working on (ie. take the sleeve I am currently knitting off the needle and cut the other armhole.)

At t he moment I have no real knitting deadlines or "things I must get done." I'm going to take a break on the morocco sweater for a while. Maybe.

I want to knock out the pair of socks that I have in progress pretty soon. It's a close deal, so I'll probably get that done this week.

Boring and really heavy. Nothing much worth noting.

One of the things that we're doing at the shop coming up here is that we're going to do a "my first sweater" class. Sweaters are big projects, daunting, and complicated-seeming. But the truth is that they're not really that hard, and most people who know how to knit can probably make a sweater. So I've written an EZ inspired yoke sweater pattern, and in 4 bi-weekly sessions myself and one of my coworkers are going to help people through this sweater. It's going to be fun. If you're in the area and want to make a sweater, here's more info

Also at the shop, next thursday we're starting a pi-shawl along. I haven't knitted lace in a long time, and it might be fun to do that. In honor of the occasion I got, a 4.2 oz/3100 yarn skein of Tencel/Merino yarn. We'll ignore the fact that I already have way way too much lace weight and nothing in mind for it. I have guilt about my stash, but the truth is that there isn't much there.

That means, the things currently on my needles--and active--are:

  • The socks (see above).
  • The Morocco Sweater.
  • The Turkish Tile Sweater.
  • A Turkish sock.

So that's not bad, and I know people who say that "socks don't count," and I'm sort of inclined to agree.

Ok, enough blathering, I'll be off somewhere knitting now.

Onward and Upward!