Hey everyone,

I hope this weekend finds you well. I'm still in the middle of the crazy busy period of my life. I suppose this is it's way of finding balance. I haven't written a journal post in a while so here goes...

1. I've been working a lot. Full time gainful employment, plus maybe as much as 8 hours at the yarn store (teaching and regular work). Also since there's a big morris dancing gathering in a week I've been dancing one sort or another 4 times a week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday). It's both really invigorating and tiring, and I hope that I can keep energy up.

2. I've applied for a job that would keep me here (not a bad thing, particularly given the job) and I really want it, though I'm not sure what my chances are. I've resolved to not pay much attention to job searching for at least two more weeks and any academic thing other than existing projects and possibly literature reading for at least another month.

3. I'm pretty resolved at the moment to work on this new fiction site/blog that I'm thinking about. I've begun sketching out plans, organizational details, thinking about names, and of course, doing some fiction writing. I'm sketching out a story set in a sort of "rear frontier" colony world. It's sort of existential and dark and space opera-y in a very tychoish way. It's going to be awesome, both the site (which will have all sorts of stuff on it,) and the story. I'm thinking about names and I have a good one, so with a little more time in development, I'm excited. That's all.

4. Defiantly getting a new cat sometime the week after next. Maybe two. Probably two, actually. Cats are cool. Kittens are really cool.

5. I've been knitting all of about a row and a half a day on the sweater, it's coming along. Pictures soon for sure, but it's slow going, and at this point in my life where I've been writing more, and thinking about that, the knitting seems to take a back seat, which isn't ideal, but it's something that needs to be addressed.

Keeping busy is a good thing, I'm convinced. I think at this very instant, I'm a touch too busy, bit I know that this too will sort itself out--as all things do--and I'll be in a good place.

Thanks for reading, and of course stay tuned.