here's some things I got done:

  • wrote a bunch of essays for this site
  • processed my inbox and wrote a crap ton of essays emails
  • did some `station keeping <>`_ planning and "research."
  • culled my list of feeds to read. from 520ish to 290 ish.
  • wrote and posted a tealart entry.
  • fiddled with a computer maintenance project, that is taking forever. one day I'm going to write about my frustrations with the other computer platform.

all in all I think I did pretty good, particularly given my list of things from yesterday, and shhh, but I'm going to take a shower and try and get some tealart writing done. If I can pull together a couple more things, I'll be set for a while, and I'll be able to concentrate on other projects for the evenings the rest of the week. We'll remember that I have a crap ton of knitting that I didn't really get done today to finish.

And shit, it's almost july which means I need to get myself into some serious GRE and grad school prep. Aside from the GRE, though, I'm not really worried about things this time around, I think because it's rational to be worried about the GRE in a way that the other stuff just doesn't seem so scary.

sigh, angst later, writing now.