At the eery end of my summer I had obligatory feelings of guilt at the fact that I accomplished very little. I have continued a bad habit of reading very little, I didn't really write anything of consequence. I didn't do much work for TealArt. I didn't give any attention to projects like "Where We Ought to Be," and I didn't really attend to psychology projects.

That said, I think I would like to point out a few really rather valuable accomplishments that I made. I knit a lot. Discovered that I could follow a pattern (well, at least those written by Alice Starmore), and I discovered that I actually like making socks, and that I have a great love of patterned work (even if I still don't really care for cables. I learned a lot about myself as a teacher, both through my experience of working in the yarn store and as I helped people with computer issues. Maybe I could have made more money or published more, but really, that's ok.

The other lesson that the summer has offered me, comes I think from the contrast of my summer with the way my life is turning out at Beloit. My classes (a normal load!) challenge me, but don't really overwhelm me. I'm working on a number of academic related projects that inspire and engage me, without petty. And I really like my psych major, in a way that I haven't before.

At this moment, I'm daunted not by the amount of work that seems to pile up on my plate each night, or the fear of what's to come, but rather, the lenght of the semester. I'm left wondering: will I remain interested in all these classes, projects, and commitments in the middle of november? Will that be enough?

Time will tell. But in any case it's good to be back