For those of you who don't know I'm working on a special project with my next door neighbor and co-conspirtor. We had set up a livejournal community for this project, but quickly came to the conclusion that that wouldn't be the right place for that. So I'll offer you the little description I came up with when I made the category. And then we'll get start postings really without much further ado.

I like having projects like this at TealArt, it makes the site useful in a practical sense, and I think it's entertaining because you get to see a certain level of back and forth with our thought processes, and that's cool. That's why I think collaborative blogs rule, and why all of my independent blogging projects inevitably fall on their faces. So sit back, and if we seem to be starting in the middle, it's because we are, Though I will attempt to mirror some content that I have lying around.

Home of Sam and Heather's lovely Special Project! (Doesn't "Special Project" sound secretive and scandalous? Oooh.)

Basically the shtick is that we're really intrested and amazed by the agency and creative power that identity and identity communities can provide people. We also have a great love for pre 'third wave' pre queer theory, feminisms and lesbian and gay studies (the discipline as a whole isn't very good at chosing gramatically correct titles.)

We're asking questions about poetry, theory, identity, how the've been historically intertwined, and the shape that that connection takes in contemporary movement(s).

This category will contain everything from summeries of articles that we read and feel as if they need to be indexted here, to larger guiding questions that we run into. We'll also post, messages to ourselves. It will be grand. Some will be private, some will not. You'll get to see our trains of thought. Enjoy!