Ok, I have one more interview/call that I'm going to make right after I post this entry, but otherwise, I have to say that I think it went really well. And I think my chances are pretty good, all things considered. Nothing is for sure yet, but I'm encouraged.

Just as a check in on "the current state of tycho," I'd say that I'm feeling a ton better. Still anxious a bit, but not really worried. Particularly. Which is good. I'm so close, and I really want some sort of closure in this area. I'll keep you all posted, and I've posted some more detailed explanation in semi-accessible public spaces (face-book walls/lj comments/twitter), but I fear that this particular page is to heavily indexed, so I'm not going to go into detail here.

I'm still sort of ornery about my knitting. I have a sweater that needs sleeves, and I really haven't been pleased with how my knitting has turned out for most of the past year. Basically since I graduated from college, everything I've started blows. I haven't had a winning sweater yet. Which sucks. So I've been reduced to knitting socks, (which also aren't turning out well, but there's less investment there.)

I have a sweater that needs sleeves, and then I'm going to make a really simple, hard to screw up, pullover with some yarn that I just got. And I'm going to work on one project at a time. (Ok, so not one project at a time, really, but 1 main project, and a pair of socks, and a couple of long term projects in hibernation.) That's where I am at the moment.

In other news, Now that things are starting to settle down, I think I'm going to try and get closer to going to visit folk in nearby cities, because I haven't and I should.

I'll try and post something non-ego centric today, I swear.

Onward and Upward!