Ways I've Injured Myself Recently

  1. The tip of my right index finger caring a server.

2. My left knee (recurrent, minor) dancing, probably jumping. Design flaw, I'm convinced.

3. I have some sort of strain/dislocation of the first knuckle of my right ring finger, and its oddly sore.

  1. My right shoulder, because I sleep on it funny.

5. My left wrist is occasionally stiff from typing and what not, but I think it's sort of interesting that these 3 of the five hand-related.

Things I would Change about my Cell Phone if I could.

1. I would be able to SSH into my cell phone, for the purpose of sending libnotify-esque notifications to the cell phone

2. It would have a plethora of hardware keys, potentially some sort of keyboard (on a slider) and only require touch-screen interfaces when intuitive.

  1. I would want it to run emacs, at least to be able to check on things.
  2. I would like some sort of native terminal client on the cellphone.
  3. It would be unlocked.

Objects that I would like to Combine

  1. eBook reader/music player/tablet-or-pocket computer.
  2. A tea kettle and yogurt maker.
  3. My network router and my computer.
  4. A keyboard and desk chair.
  5. The mouse (and my computer's dependence on it) and /dev/null

Things I wish I spent more time doing

  1. Knitting
  2. Reading
  3. Editing things I've written
  4. Spinning
  5. Being social

Abilities of which I am Jealous in Others

  1. Musical talent, mostly playing the violin/viola and melodian.

2. Signing and leading songs effectively (including remembering lyrics completely).

  1. The facility to function on much less sleep than I seem to require.
  2. The appetite to drink coffee without wanting to wretch.
  3. The ability to write computer programs with skill and grace.