Review Today

  • I finished watching Standoff, a canceled procedural from last year. There's something sort of geeky and atypical about this show that I find really captivating. Anyway, apparently they made more episodes (18 in total) than I ever saw when it was airing. Also, it's a show that I watched pretty religiously on Tuesday nights last fall with R. and so I have particularly fond memories of it.
  • The boyfriend socks are to the ribbing, both of them, so I only have a little bit of ribbing and then they're done.
  • Did some tweaking of the tychoish design. basically what I did was make everything fixed width so that the design of the site doesn't change if you resize your window. At Dave's request/suggestion, which I think was helpful. It'll be easy at this point to set up a second sidebar, if I ever decide I want more sidebar room.
  • I've critiqued my first story for the group. I feel good about what I had to say, but still a bit unsure. I'm feeling better about writing short fiction and submitting it, though I've yet to muster the skill of reading though something that clearly opens on the wrong foot. Good practice for grading papers I suspect, but right now I don't have it. I'm just going to do one story a week for a while.
  • There's a knitting guild meeting today, so I'm going to work at the store for a few hours.
  • I had a knitting disaster last night: I started a shawl, and switched to circular needles too soon, and then couldn't get the knitting off the needle. So I had to *cut it off. Going to try again soon hopefully with better luck.
  • I've been thinking of ways to increase the color and what not of the posts here, but everything I try looks dumb.
  • I'm stalled on the writing project for today with a part that's going to call for some fast paced dialogs, and I haven't found the right mindset yet, frustrating.
  • I'm having some impostor syndrome stuff, related to the fact that I now have a lot of dedicated writing time. I'm thinking about new project,s how to capitalize/monitize on and develop old projects and the like, and I feel like a giant hack.
  • The upside of this, is I don't have the brainpower to feel like an academic hack/impostor, or to angst about my grad school applications. It's all out of my hands.
  • The knitting/sweater class continues to grow. This is totally the project that I envisioned when I did my internship a year ago, and it's fun to be able to actually make it work. When I'm in the shop today I'm going to spend some time with my coinstructor, and see if we can iron anything specific down about the class. While we had planned to alternate weeks, there might be enough people to treat it like two sections of the same class. Neat.
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