This post on writing has made it's rounds on the SF writing blog circuit today John Scalzi" and Tobias Buckell; posted here, and here,) and I've been thinking about it a bunch.

So I'm posting it here, because I think its a good resource, and it's interesting.

As a blogger myself, I'm not sure that I have anything substantive to add to this discussion other than to say it's interesting and to ask you what you think...

The other thing that's been weighing on my mind with regards to revisions and copy, is the blog of deanna hoak, a SF-specializing copy-editor.

Copy quality is something I worry about a lot. With reason, I mean you all read a bunch of pretty rough copy that I put out here. At the same time I think I'm generally better than I used to be, though you can of course come to your own conclusion.

At the same time I'm pretty good at getting the structural level squared away, or at least being sensitive to this.

shrug one word at a time, one day at a time.

Onward and Upward!