I think I need a new system for titling my "good morning tychoish" posts, because I'm so going to run out of novel titles. But not yet.

Yesterday was a slow day for some reason, yet to be determined, though I think I did get a bunch of things done, so maybe all wasn't lost.

In review:

  • I went to my parent's dancing class, because they asked.
  • I knitting a dozen rows on the sleeve of the morocco sweater.
  • Wrote blog posts.
  • Worked on a Station Keeping post.
  • Planned the rest of the third chapter of breakout.
  • Switched email clients to GyazMail.

The fact that I revived station keeping after so long, is really a good thing in my book. I enjoy writing SK episodes. And I just need to get back into it more, the serial is something I want to play with for a while. I'm throwing around the idea of blogging a novel length project as I do it, but it wouldn't be for a while.

This, I think more than anything, proves that I'm a child of 90s, because left to my own devices I turn into a performance art junkie. "Yeah, that's right, lets turn novel writing in to a performance piece." Brilliant tycho, brilliant. Sigh.

On the email front, you all probably are pretty clear that I have something of a death feud with Apple's Mail.app. Mostly that it's pretty slow, and it doesn't handle IMAP in a way even approaching intelligibility. GyazMail does better on these counts, though I will admit that I do almost miss the Mail.app multiple account inbox method a bit.

Anyway, I have writing and other things to do this morning, so time to get this post out.

Have a great day!

Onward and Upward!