I don't have a lot of news to post. Maybe that's a good sign. I'm doing better, I think.

It's a shame I spent all of my free time in the last few days feeling so crummy: at least I made some knitting progress. The good news is that I'm going to be well groomed (haircut in a few), and fed (just finished breakfast), and I'll have run an important errand before work. So rock on.

I present you with a youTube gem:

This is a video of three men singing in a doorway, and that's about it. The song is "Sally Free and Easy" which is a Cyril Tawney song, but my dad (and I seem to agree that it's a very Bert Jansch sort of song.) Anyway, what's remarkable is that the guy on the right is none other than the amazing "Nic Jones." Nic Jones was/is an amazing guitar player and singer who stopped performing in the early (?) eighties after sustaining rather serious injuries in a car accident, this is made even more tragic by virtue of the fact that the bulk of--and arguably--his best albums [1] have been held hostage by a record company determine to not rerelease them to CD.


Anyway, it's good to see him singing. It's good to hear such a cool song. And it's good to see that the kind of singing that I most enjoy (little groups of people singing in doorways) is alive and well. It's something that can't really be recorded, but it's nice to know that it's still around.

[1]The "Noah's Arc Trap" and "From a Devil to A Stranger" from 1977 and '78, I believe. Amazing pieces of work. Amazing stuff.