Knitting Hate

  • I hate all of my knitting projects: the sweater is in the black-hole portion of the body, and I still am not absolutely sure how I'm going to make the shoulder work.
  • I have a second sock that is turning out to be very much not the same size as the first sock, despite using the same needles/etc as the last sock.
  • Resuming the pattern on my color-work sock has not gone as efficiently as I had initially hoped. And there might be tinking back, and I still don't know how to pick up the pattern in the right way.

Other Things

  • Teh Tiereds (The tiredness) hits at like 10pm these days.
  • My LaTeX mojo was having some problems earlier: quite annoying.
  • I'm updating my iTunes for the first time in weeks and possibly months. I'm currently downloading 125 podcasts... Egad folks.
  • I've started spinning again, and I very much want my own wheel again. I'm in the process of consolidating my flock, and if I can sell one or two of these wheels I can get a new one. I can hardly wait. (This is connected to the last part because spinning and podcasts go together in my mind.)
  • GRE on monday eek.
  • Other graduate school things. eek squared.
  • My computer has been (likely due to downloading and the GRE prep software) kind of lagging. I want a new Mac Book hard core now. Interestingly I'm not exactly chomping at the bit to upgrade to Leopard. Mostly I think because I don't want to disturb the tenuous balance that keeps my system running.
  • My battery life has fallen off significantly in the past few months, and I think it's time to get a new one. I think that even if I get a new computer someone in this house will use Zoe I (I've already decided that the new computer will be called Zoe II), so it's not a very bad investment, unless of course, she goes up into flames at some point. I better go back up things.