So--knock on wood--the good feelings remain with me. I have no sense of how I'll be doing come Wednesday/Thursday morning, but for now I'm doing well. But I can't argue with success... much.

I got nearly everything on my todo list done yesterday, and perhaps a bit more. Weird. Now I just need to be able to do that some more.

I also did a little bit of reading in the Tiptree. I'm finally hooked on this novella. I'm reading The Starry Night which is a collection of three novellas/long short stories, and it's a great deal of fun. Except that you have to "get into" the book, what amounts to three times. (I'm on the middle one.) I also read the beginning of "The Hose Beyond Your Sky," by Benjamin Rosenbaum which I realized that I had heard on Escape Pod and I enjoyed it both times.

There was also some work that I did on TealArt. Including writing a SQL statement that worked really well, to provide the home page. There are a couple of little quirks still in the design that I want your feedback on:

  1. The permalinks on the home page don't work.
  2. On, and pages lower in that hierarchy the menu in the top corner has two links to, when logically the top link, should be to

I think that the first issue should work itself out as there get to be more posts in the system (coming soon enough). And I think the second is a result of me using the blog with the ID #1, as the primary blog. A little tweaking should get me around this.

But, and here's the interactive portion of the program (One of the things that was getting me down, before about how my blog entries were too... static, was that I was no longer asking questions in my entries. This is amends to that.) So if I have to drop specific permalinks on the home page do you think that would be a really bad thing?

I thoughts so.

Anyway, I have writing things to do. And showering. Oh Showering. So I'm going to go. I'll post another entry today, I promise.

Onward and Upward!