So I knit 2-2.5 inches on this sweater (turkish tile) last night. That's a pretty good amount for one day, and I'm pretty psyched about figuring out how this is going to go.

It's going faster because I'm knitting over 114 fewer stitches, to set in the armholes to shoulder width. I like being able to have something that's a bit more fitted than the drop shouldered sweater, which is by now, ubiquitous in my wardrobe.

This particular armhole shaping is soemthing that I haven't seen (exactly) anywhere yet, so it's kind of cool to be working on something new, having said that, this "garment framework," will really only be useful in sweaters which have a pattern with a strong diagonal, because in other situations, there are sleeve shaping methods that would be more effective and aesthetic.

But I'm having fun with this sweater, and it's a good sweater.

The one problem that I've come to realize is that because the armholes are so deep, in order for this sweater to fit over other sweaters (which it should because it's a jacket), the armholes need to be even deeper/longer than I thought, because my usual armhole measurements are based on sleeves that are 3 inches shorter, or there abouts. I don't need to make them that much longer, but a little would be helpful.

I'm working on putting together a small color-work (2 color/stranded) sweater "master class." Because I want to teach something like this, and because I'm really insistent that this is not a difficult technique, and I think anyone who wants to knit this knit this could do a sweater. But then my whole knitting MO is to sort of jump in head first and see what happens, and I think it would work. It's something...

Anyway, I have a busy day...

Onward and Upward!